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About SquarePeg

Our Story


SquarePeg was founded on the belief that the way people want to work and hire is changing.


Professional people are looking for flexible work opportunities that provide them with a balance between their work, family and careers. Local businesses want to tap in to the local professional talent in their community, and hire people that know their culture and their customers.


The SquarePeg platform aims to facilitate connections between talented candidates and businesses with flexible work opportunities.


Easily, affordably and quickly.


Our Team


The SquarePeg team share the same simple vision. 

To provide a platform where hirers can easily source and connect professional talent with the skills and experience they need to fill a gap.


We have been on both sides of the recruitment experience, as candidates looking for flexible work, and as hirers trying to find the right person and believe there is a better way to connect these two groups.

We believe our platform is the answer to mutually rewarding flexible work placements that is balanced for both candidate and hirer equally.



Work that fits.

Our Vision


Our vision is based on five key values.



Promote flexible jobs that allow a better work life balance


Low Cost

Create a more affordable way to hire talent


Personal Approach

Create personal connections and build rewarding work relationships



Facilitate work placements in local communities



Reduce the time it takes to find a job, or find a candidate