A candid interview about returning to work with Rachel Aboud, Manager at Pigeon House Studios, North Manly NSW




What was your career experience prior to becoming a parent?


Pre children I was a Marketing Manager at JC Deceaux in the outdoor advertising industry. 


I was responsible for organising the production of the marketing material, logistics of the print production and management of the company website.




When you decided to return to the workforce post family break, what were your reasons?


Finding work after 12 years of staying at home to look after our children was an extremely daunting task.


The primary motivator for me finding a job was that I was ready for something more, and wanted to re-join the workforce and be able to contribute to the family income.


To be honest, I actually just wanted an admin style role to begin with where the responsibilities started and finished with my working hours.


But it just wasn’t practical to return earlier than I had, because I was tied to school hours and there were only extremely limited before and after care options at school for my children.


So it would have cost me roughly the same amount in childcare as I would have earned back at work so it wasn’t financially viable or feasible for our family.



What type of role were you after, and where did you end up?


SquarePeg were able to find me a great job as Manager of a local co-working business, called Pigeon House Studios  that provided flexible, family-friendly hours and a supportive working environment.  


Pigeon House Studios are based in North Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and offers a number of work spaces to hire including shared-desks, a meeting room, photo studio and film location.


As Manager, I look after the website, member requirements and guest enquiries and oversee the marketing for Pigeon House.


Not only are my pre-children corporate marketing skills being utilised, but I am now able to build on those skills and bring them up to speed with current practices.  




What are the benefits of your flexible role at Pigeon House Studios?


I work up to 15 hours a week during school term, and am only in the office during school hours.


Working with a small business owner, owner Kirsten Clarke, has meant the hours can be more flexible for both her and me.


For example when it comes to school holidays we discuss when she needs me and together we agree what days I am going to work.


We work around each other’s requirements.


The flexibility in my role means I am still readily available for my children as my family need me to be.




How has your return to work experience been?


Returning to work was better than I expected!


It has not impacted on my family life, and I am loving working with such great people at Pigeon House Studios.


My role has developed originally from just marketing, and now also incorporates more admin, and I am constantly learning new parts of the business.


I can’t thank SquarePeg enough for their help in me re-joining the workforce and providing me with new-found career confidence.


SquarePeg went above and beyond to make that process incredibly easy.  






Pigeon House Studios


Pigeon House is a collaborative workspace that brings together professionals from a range of industries to create an open and supportive work environment.

If you’re after a creative, buzzing and inspiring workspace, then Pigeon House Studios is the place for you!



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