Article written by Joanna Downer, SquarePeg Founder & MD



Professionals in their second career phase (post family break) bring more to an employer than the average hire.

If your business is considering adding an additional member to your team, be it for part-time work, an ongoing contract or a particular project your best bet would be to hire a working parent.

Here are the 5 top reasons why we think working parents rock!


1. Loyalty

Career professionals in their second phase of work are looking to balance their home/family commitments with rewarding work outside the home. We want to be able to contribute to the family income, but also find a work environment that allows us to find a work life balance.

So when they connect with work opportunities that allow them this balance, they not only become great employees, but also loyal ones. The freelance chop and change style of working doesn't suit everyone, so if we find a great employee role which ticks all the boxes we want to stay.

What you gain is a happy employee who works hard, with a loyal commitment to your business.

2. Parenting skills!

Parenthood brings with it a whole new set of skills. Time management, logistics, a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility and of course - amazing multi-tasking skills! 

So by adding a working parent to your team you get all these skills plus their previous career skills and experience.


3. Flexibility


As a client recently said to me, "flexibility works both ways". If you are a small business with cashflow ups and downs you don't necessarily want a new employee on your books as you ride the cashflow roller-coaster.

By engaging a flexible worker you have a fluid workforce at your fingertips, which will help save you money in quiet times.

The best of both can be achieved by hiring a flexible worker that's not locked in to set hours, as you only hire them as you need them. 

Copywriters, social media managers, bookkeepers, graphic designers are all great examples of flexible workers you can engage on a needs only basis.

And this works both ways, flexible workers can manage their time off as their life commitments require them, such as school holidays. This flexible working relationship can be a win-win for both client and candidate.


4. Awesome career skills & experience

Before we were parents we were actually career professionals.

Despite what our children think - we did have a life before them! We worked long hours, in tough jobs, studied hard to get qualifications and made great contributions to businesses across industries.

Just like our spouses, we didn't lose any of these skills while changing nappies or burping babies, and we are now ready to bring all of these skills and experience to new roles with enthusiasm and commitment.


5. Word of Mouth for your business

By hiring within your local community you are hiring someone who knows your business and your customer - in fact your new hire may even be your customer!

Referral marketing relies on people talking positively about your business, and especially if you are hiring local Mums in your business then the word of mouth repercussions will be enormous!

Mothers (and Fathers!) just love to hear about a great new business, and are the first to recommend products and services to each other in Facebook groups, in entrepreneurial groups, on website publications, or even just when chatting in person at the school gate or across the table over a coffee.


There is often no perfect equation for working parents, but for those that loved their careers and are looking to return to work, SquarePeg want to provide them with a great platform where they can connect with work that fits in with their lives.

It's time for the gig economy to embrace working parents and what we have to offer!

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