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Our Service Fees


We do not charge a fee to register for an account.  We take a credit card as security when a job is posted, but only charge this credit card when a suitable candidate is found for the position. No candidate placement = no fee!



If a Client chooses to engage a Candidate as a contractor, a service fee of 15% of the contractor’s earnings will be added to the contractor invoice.


If a Client chooses to engage a Candidate as an employee, the following services fees are payable when the employee commences work and are based on the employee’s agreed annual pro rata salary:


< $50,000 = $3,000 plus GST

$50,001 to $70,000 = $5,000 plus GST

$70,001 to $90,000 = $7,000 plus GST

> $90,001 = $9,000 plus GST